February’s Submissions

This has been a fairly quiet month. I got one submission out, mainly because the glut of work I did in November and December got sent out in January. I’ve also been working on the novel. I think it’s going well. Additionally, I’m participating in a YA novel workshop – so I also spent a large chunk of February reading a fellow participant’s novel and making comments.

For anyone interested in statistics, this means I’ve got four pieces out – three from January and one from February. I haven’t gotten a reply to any of my January pieces yet. That’s a good thing. From my (limited) experience with short story submissions, the longer you wait for a reply, the further up the queue your story has managed to get.

I’ve also been invited to submit to a few projects, which has me super excited. I won’t go into detail on them until and unless I get locked in to them. But it’s a beautiful feeling to be contacted by an editor!