I have a thriller coming in December…

…and now you can see the front cover. Hello to The Good Girls, a project I’ve been working on with Glasstown Entertainment for the past couple of years.

My agent first wrote to me about working on a YA contemporary thriller in 2018. I was in a final round of edits for We Rule the Night, having breakdowns like clockwork and running on low sleep and high caffeine. I was giving walking tours, editing WRTN, ghost writing a book for another client, and the last thing I needed was another novel-length project on my plate.

So naturally, when my agent asked if I was interested, I said yes.

I blame Glasstown entirely. They sent a few sample materials and asked for my interpretation of the novel. As soon as I saw the audition pages, I knew I had to try my hand at it. Writing them felt raw, angry, fierce. I hope we’ve given that tone to the whole book.

A special thanks to Deeba Zargarpur and Lexa Hillyer of Glasstown, Entertainment for working on this story with me. I don’t know if I’d have had the courage to try out a thriller otherwise.

The incredible artist whose work you see here is Kaethe Butcher, and Diana Sousa took that art and brought in a host of other stunning elements to make the completed cover.

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