Our Realm is the Night

Revna is a double amputee who wields illegal magic. Linné’s a soldier that got caught masquerading as a boy. Neither of them expected to be used in the war effort. But the Union of the North needs bodies, so instead of being punished, Revna and Linné are sent to fly experimental aircraft with a newly-formed women’s aviation unit.

Linné thinks Revna’s a liability. Revna calls Linné a savage harpy. The head of the base despises them and their planes are a death sentence for anyone who flies them. But they can’t give up. Washing out means failure, and failure means returning to lives they hate. Maybe worse, failure would only prove that the women of the Union belong in the factory, the farm or the kitchen – anywhere but the front. If Revna and Linné want to prove to the Union that they really can do anything, they’ll have to learn to work together.

All they have to do is tolerate each other until they succeed. And on the front, success means the right to get shot down or get blown up.

The least they could do is get blown up among friends.

Our Realm is the Night is scheduled to be published in Spring 2019 by Little, Brown.


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