Privacy Policy

If you choose to contact me via my blog, or sign up for my newsletter, your email will not be passed along, shared or sold. Sometimes I might ask for information – this is to
a) send my newsletter or
b) send you swag (if you, for example, win a giveaway)

If I ever come up with a c), I will update the site promptly. You might want to pop back to this page every so often, to make sure my privacy policy still aligns with your personal interests.

The things I want from you

Love and devotion. And, if you feel like it, your name and email (for newsletter/contact purposes ONLY.) If you enter a giveaway, understand that in the event that you win, I’ll also be asking for your home address so that I can mail you AMAZING TRINKETS AND SOUVENIRS.

The fortress protecting your data

Is the vast and indomitable fortress of MailChimp (if you have signed up for my newsletter), surrounded by the moat and earthwork ramparts of WordPress. These are mighty bastions, but should they fall I will send out emergency notifications.

What I do with your data

a) respond to direct inquiries made via my contact page
b) send a monthly newsletter to those who have willingly signed up
c) send AMAZING TRINKETS AND SOUVENIRS to those who have willingly entered a giveaway

What can you do with your data?

You can alter it, or decide that I don’t get to have it anymore. That’s okay! If you want to opt out of my newsletter, for example, you can click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of every newsletter. Alternatively you can write me via the contact page.

If you want to know what info I have on you, feel free to write! I’m happy to reply, and happy to comply with any requests to alter or delete your personal info.

And I will never give it to anyone else, unless I am required to by law.

…and I even have cookies!

Yes, I know, I know. Everyone’s made that joke like a million times. Still, legal jargon –

I use cookies. Cookies gather information about the places you go on the net, so that web sites like mine can be tailored to what you like. Let’s be honest, it’s mostly about advertising. I have no clue how cookies operate, so WordPress will be doing the heavy lifting of analyzing your visiting preferences, and tailoring your experience here on the site. Mostly I use it to see which pages have been popular to visit, so that I can remember to  update them.

At any rate, cookies don’t give WordPress (or me) any access to your computer, nor any information, other than the data you choose to share. You can, of course, choose to decline cookies by altering your browser’s settings.

A final note

Sometimes I link to other sites. They are run by other people, and I can’t control what they’re doing. They’re probably busy updating their privacy policy, too. Just be aware, though.

Questions? Feel free to write! I’m happy to chat.